The Tokyo Report

I love Japan! I had such a wonderful time visiting and I cannot wait to go again! AND I brought back some pretty sweet Asian beauty goodness! Here I’m going to share with you my favorite packaging and product finds, as well as insider traveling tips!

First up is a futuristic mascara by a Korean company called too cool for school. I stumbled upon this little spot on Cat Street in Harajuku. The mascara is called Escalator Mascara… which is a great name… because it gets taller! There is a knob on the handle and when turned ‘escalates’ the mascara head (see arrow). In it’s short form it gives volume to lashes and in it’s longer form it lengthens.

photo (6)

The Dinoplatz collection by too cool for school has won awards for design. Here’s a look at a couple of their products and designs. afterlight (6)

While I loved everything in the collection, the mascara was the coolest!afterlight (5)

The packaging looks like a skyscraper! The mascara fit into the aqua-green box, and that fit inside of the skyscraper box. ADORABLE. 
photo (7) afterlight (3)photo (8)

While I saw some pretty cool makeup pigments and tools….

afterlight (11)

(Above, various make-your-eyes-bigger/deeper/crease-ier contraptions and adhesives, and below, MUJI makeup In Shibuya!!! That Muji there also has a cafe! Obsessed!)
afterlight (12)
… Asian skincare is where it’s at. They love their masks, cleansing oils, moisturizers, tonics, etc. For example, after my 14 hour flight, Air Japan handed out under eye rejuvenating and soothing pads. What a wonderful, wonderful treat! It felt soooo good on my puffy, tired eyes!

afterlight (7)

But it was THREE cosmetics, a Japanese brand, that truly came after my heart. If these images below don’t make you swoon, surely their website will (Facebook too)

afterlight (4)

Incredible visuals. I decided to purchase their most popular product, balancing cleansing oil. I bought a seasonal package that came with some other goodies, including 3 masks and balancing foam. afterlight (8)afterlight (9)

Oh man… did THREE hit the nail on the head with this packaging. The paper is a light grey that looks like it’s recycled, and there’s a beautiful drawing on the outside. THREE is imprinted… pressed into the paper. Creating a feeling of simplicity, elegance and natural beauty. afterlight (10)

Have you ever used a cleansing oil before? I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, La Mer and Muji, and they’re all great.  I also picked up the alleged reigning champ of cleansing oils by shu uemura. The best technique is to apply the oil to dry fingers and massage into the skin. After 10 seconds run a little bit of water onto finger tips and massage the skin again. The oil will emulsify and turn a milky color. Rinse the face with water. Your face will feel so clean but not too dry. It’s incredible how much makeup will come off. Interesting tid-bit… while I thought cleansing oils originated in Asia… apparently, cleansing oils were used in LA first? Hmmmm…

If you are ever in Tokyo I highly recommend taking the cultural cycling tour (route B) with Tokyo Great Cycling Tour! Here are some pics and more on Instagram!

afterlight (14) afterlight (15)

afterlight (13) afterlight (16)Restaurant, Imperial Palace, ginkgo grove at the University of Tokyo and the Skytree.

Tanisha Long at the VMA’s

tanisha sparkle mesmereyesed

Tanisha and I put together an AMAZING makeup look for her to hit the red carpet at the VMA’s! She said she wanted a bright lip to do with her gorgeous color blocked-out get-up, and I couldn’t agree more! I picked up the new Bobbi Creamy Matte in Hot as well as a Hot Pink Lip gloss. But in the end I decided to go with a totally matte lip.

tanisha times 2

tanisha lip color heartTanisha Long is wearing Anzie Jewelry, a Ted Baker dress and Prada shoes.

“Breaking up is Hard to Do” The Shoot

Most fun I’ve EVER had doing makeup for a shoot! While I LOVE me some natural makeup, it was fun to think outside of the box and make these girls look EDGY/ CHIC/ EDITORIAL/ SEXY. It’s the story of a modern breakup. Feast your eyes on this one and enjoy!

Photographer: Michael Burk




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Dancing Dreams

I open my mail box, hoping for a paycheck, but no checks today. Just this letter, which made me feel more wonderful than any paycheck could possibly make me feel. With no return address, I was a intrigued- and a hand written address? Oddly the envelope paper felt heavy and slightly soft, I knew this wasn’t junk mail. I opened the envelope and deciphered the message. It didn’t really hit me until I read the name printed at the bottom of the stationary. 

thank you note william lauder contrast

“Dear Lindsey, I want to personally thank you for your work with the Dancing Dreams program. It means a great deal to so many. Sincerely, Will”

It’s not everyday that you get a hand written thank you note. Especially from an executive chairman and most especially when that chairman is William P Lauder.  It’s a crazy world out there, I tell ya! I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to me in my life. And it becomes clearer to me everyday that I am nothing without the people that love me, believe in me and have taken a chance on me.

dancing shoeMy Shoe and a dancer’s little shoe

For four years I have been doing the makeup for a wonderful organization called Dancing Dreams. Bobbi Brown (owned by Estee Lauder Companies) asked me if I was interested in volunteering to do makeup for their dancers. I thought it sounded fun, and at the time I had no idea how much it would positively effect my life. Dancing Dreams, a Queens-based non-profit, provides classes for aspiring dancers with mental and physical disabilities. It’s the dream of these little girls to put on a tutu and glitter—and dance just like other little girls their age. In 2002, Joann Ferrara, a pediatric physical therapist with a background in ballet, was inspired to make the dreams of these girls come true.



The dancers feel so special when the professional makeup artists arrive to help them don their sparkle for their annual dance recital! They love looking in the mirror at their makeup, which mostly consists of glitter- and a little bit of lip gloss and blush. They ooo and ahhh at all of our professional makeup, brushes and tools- a special treat for sure! As we do the makeup the air is teeming with excitement in anticipation for the big performance! They’ve been working all year for this show!

BB-6Catlin Wooters has been volunteering her time with me for the past two years.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 10.12.34 PMDancing dreams is having a ribbon cutting ceremony at their new Manhattan Location on Monday, May 20th from 3:00-6:00pm at The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 5th ave. If you would like to attend and learn more about the organization, you can RSVP at info(@) or call 516-659-8704.

Special thank you to Allison Grigg from Estee Lauder and Kim Soane + Cassandra Garcia from Bobbi Brown. Thank you for your love, believing in me and taking a chance on me. It’s made all the difference in my life.

L xo